我们拥有中国最大的素人艺术媒体平台,中国唯一持续记录素人艺术的文献类杂志《Art Su》。作为中国素人艺术的窗口,我们不仅积极推动各类素人艺术相关活动与合作,更在2018年前往纽约、日本参展,在日益重要的世界素人艺术版图中填补了中国的空白。

Almost Art Project (AAP) is the first art festival in China that specializes in showcasing the works of outsider artists (self-taught artists with no professional training). Since the inaugural exhibition in 2015, the annual event in Beijing has been held successfully in the past four years. Over a hundred outsider artists of all backgrounds and ages have been discovered through the platform, and more than a thousand works of outsider art have been shown at APP’s public exhibitions.

We have the largest outside art media platform in China and publish the only continuous yearbook on Chinese outside art, Art Su. As a window to Chinese outside art, not only do we promote it through various public events and collaborations, we have also brought Chinese outside art to the US and Japan in 2018, representing China in the increasingly important world map of outside art.







+ Discover Chinese outsider art and artists, create a better creative environment for outsider artists,  through exhibiting and selling of their works.

+ Give outsider artists their deserved position in art history through research and publication, challenge the increasingly rigid contemporary art system, and create a more dynamic and diverse contemporary art ecosystem.    

+Besides discovering outstanding non-mainstream art works, AAP pays particular attention to various sub-cultures in China. Through discovering and studying sub-cultures, AAP can lend more possibilities to the development of art and culture. 





毕业于伦敦苏富比艺术学院当代艺术系。北京Tabula rasa画廊的联合创始人和执行总监。曾任The Art Newspaper China资深编辑,从事媒体工作多年。曾参与“买得起的艺术节”,上海当代艺术博览会等项目,成功组织策划过多个游击展览。

Graduated from Sotheby's Institute of Art in London, contemporary art department. Co-Founder and executive director of TABULA RASA Gallery in Beijing. Once held the position as the Senior editor of THE ART NEWSPAPER CHINA, works in the media industries for many years. Also took part in projects including Affordable Art China and ShContemporary.