AAP is a guerrilla art festival presenting 50 plus incredibly talented, yet relatively unknown artists. The festival consists a 10-day exhibition, accompanied by a number of public lectures and social events. Participating artists include outsider artists (non-professional, mostly self-taught), comic artists, street artists and photographers. They are all invited by AAP’s board of advisors based on their artistic merits. A book on Chinese outsider artists will also be published at the same time.



+AAP 致力于为素人艺术家创造一个展示的平台,并通过销售其作品为他们创造更好的生存及创作环境。



+ AAP strives to create a better creative environment for outsider artists,  through exhibiting and selling of their works.

+ Give outsider artists and comic artists their deserved position in art history through research and publication, challenge the increasingly rigid contemporary art system, and create a more dynamic and diverse contemporary art ecosystem.    

+Besides discovering outstanding non-mainstream art works, AAP pays particular attention to various sub-cultures in China. Through discovering and studying sub-cultures, AAP can lend more possibilities to the development of art and culture. 





毕业于伦敦苏富比艺术学院当代艺术系。北京Tabula rasa画廊的联合创始人和执行总监。曾任The Art Newspaper China资深编辑,从事媒体工作多年。曾参与“买得起的艺术节”,上海当代艺术博览会等项目,成功组织策划过多个游击展览。

Graduated from Sotheby's Institute of Art in London, contemporary art department. Co-Founder and executive director of TABULA RASA Gallery in Beijing. Once held the position as the Senior editor of THE ART NEWSPAPER CHINA, works in the media industries for many years. Also took part in projects including Affordable Art China and ShContemporary.


Managing Director

张觉引 kk

毕业于油画专业,从事艺术工作近10年。历任嫣然天使基金推广负责人,《艺术银行》杂志编辑总监,M woods美术馆总监等职。

Graduated from oil painting major. Works in the art scene for nearly 10 years. Holds the positions as the Promotion director of Smile angel Foundation, Editorial director of magazine Art Bank, and director of M WOODS, etc.



Coordinator &Designer

孙梦怡 Mengyi Sun

艺术家,毕业于法国ecole pivaut大学插画系,2015年加入, 负责所有的视觉设计以及艺术家协调。

Artist, graduated from Ecole pivaut College of Art, France. Mengyi Joined almost art project in 2015, and is responsible for all the visual design and artist liaison. 



夏凡 Fan Xia

毕业于美国马里兰艺术学院,2017年加入almost art project, 负责艺术家联络和协调工作。 

Graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art, joined almost art project in 2017, Fan is responsible for artist liaison. 





刘治邦 Louis liu

本科毕业于美国康州学院艺术系。2016年加入almost art project,负责展场设计,艺术家协调以及中英文翻译。 

Graduated from 。。。 joined almost art project since 2016, Louis is responsible for exhibition design, artist liaison, as well as translation between chinese and English.