Outsider Art 素人艺术

由法国艺术家JEAN DUBUFFET提出的ART BRUT(原生艺术)概念衍生而来,最开始是指那些有精神疾患的人无外界干扰,完全无意识的创作。他们的艺术创作由于其纯粹性和高度自治性让世人所震惊。之后这个概念被翻译成英文 OUTSIDER ART(素人艺术 ),所指代的艺术家类型就不再是病患创作者,而是统一指代那些没有受过艺术训练但极具艺术天赋和充满创作冲动的艺术家们。在西方艺术史中,高更、卢梭、弗里达等艺术大师都可以归类为素人艺术家。

The term “Outsider Art” derived from “art brut” (raw art), a label first created by French artist Jean Dubuffet to describe those elaborate and unaware art-making of mentally disabled people. Those artworks often shock the public for its purity and a high degree of artistic autonomy. In English, “outsider art” terms the entire art body of which artists are driven by creative impulse and are neither formally trained nor institutionalized. In Western history of art, the outsider art masters include Henri Rousseau, Jean-Paul Gauguin and Frida Kahlo.